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Rabipur Anti Rabies Vaccine

RABIPUR works by causing your body to protect itself against rabies. The body makes substances that fight the rabies virus. They are called antibodies and circulate in the blood. If the rabies virus gets into someone who has been vaccinated against rabies, the antibodies kill the virus before it can cause damage.


Rabivax-S. RABIVAX-S is indicated for the prevention of rabies in children and adults. It can be used before or after exposure, as a primary immunization or as a booster dose.


Sure Rab Rabies Vaccine

RABIPUR is a vaccine used to help prevent rabies infection in people who either. have been, or. are at risk of being bitten, licked or scratched by more.. Other Details:Rabies Vaccine B.P.PCEC rabies vaccine for human use.For intramuscular injection (1 ml/dose- 1 dose).For intradermal injection (0.1 ml/dose- 10 more..

Abhayrab Vaccine Anti Rabies Injection

Medisellers. Product description: We have with us superior quality Abhayrab Vaccine / Anti Rabies Injection which are well known among our customers for their high efficiency and negligible side effects. Our offered medicines are primarily used as vaccination and treatment for rabies in various hospitals and clinics.